Science for the Common Good

Course Contact:

Sofi Sanabria-Guillen,

This seminar class provides motivated students with the opportunity to explore how they can use their interest and training in the sciences and research to become leaders who make a difference and positively impact society and the planet. Course participants will discuss topics related to science stewardship and public outreach as well as develop a plan for reaching their education, career, and personal aspirations. Students will work in teams to identify and invite individuals who are practicing science for the common good and who are inspirational role models for future campus seminars. Several writing assignments and oral presentations will provide the opportunity to reflect on relevant issues discussed in class and practice communication skills.

Scholars accepted into the MARC Scholars and Beckman Scholars will be instructed to enroll in the course in their first (Beckman Scholars) and second (MARC Scholars) year of their program.