SIMS takes to the ocean!

August 29, 2023
Students building boats

On Friday, August 25th, the SIMS interns took to the sea to compete against their peers in a boat-building competition. The interns strived to build the sturdiest boat that could stay afloat the longest while two of their peers were aboard! 

With limited time and limited supplies, the interns did their best before putting their boats to the test. Teams each consisted with 3-4 members and were organized by their Summer research lab group. This year's winners were the SS Slippery When Wet who came in at a whopping 55.82 seconds!

students waiting for their boats to set sail

The Summer Institute in Mathematics and Science (SIMS) is a 3-week academic preparation and research training program for incoming first-year students intending to enroll at UCSB directly from high school in the Fall 2023.