Family Ultimate Science Exploration (FUSE)

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Wendy Ibsen,


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Family Ultimate Science Exploration (FUSE) continues as a program for underrepresented students and their families to gain familiarity with the practice of science, its importance in education, and its promise of exciting career options. Biannually, Family Ultimate Science Exploration (FUSE) night will be offered at Santa Barbara Unified School District junior high schools, and Carpinteria Middle School. At FUSE evening events, 8th grade students and their families rotate, in 30-minute sessions, through three distinct science activities related to physics, chemistry, and biology. Both undergraduate and graduate UCSB science and engineering students, along with industry volunteers, lead the hands-on activities. As part of the program, volunteers spend time introducing themselves and briefly discussing their current studies and personal interests

FUSE is a collaboration between CSEP and science teachers at the Santa Barbara Unified and Carpinteria Unified School Districts. 

Support for the FUSE project comes from various research and education grants including the Quantum Foundry DMR-1906325 and BioPacific MIP DMR-1933487.